High End Zone is Southwest New Mexico's premier Home Theater and High-End Audio dealer. Whether you want to convert a family room to a media room, build a dedicated home theater from the ground up, create the ultimate man cave or two channel listening room- we are at your service. We have had the pleasure of serving clients for over 15 years, providing top of the line gear for all of their audio and video needs.


We know in this day and age that a lot of people are focused on trying to get the biggest discount possible on the gear they buy and that some people are going online and buying things piece by piece to create a theater or a media room. We see all the time where people have spent a ton of money buying various pieces of heavily discounted gear that do not work well together and produce a very poor result. Buying good brands and spending lots of money do not guarantee you will get a great result. Home theater and listening room design are complex subjects that require years of study and practice to master.


Think about it this way: when you buy a car, do you go on Ebay and buy seats, an engine, various body parts, then try to assemble them together in your garage? No, of course not. In fact, that idea sounds crazy, doesn't it? Well, that's what we think about the people who go and buy disparate pieces and try to assemble a home theater. They focus on how much they saved, but in most cases they achieve far less performance per dollar invested than they would have gotten by just coming to us, telling us what they want, what the buget is, and letting us put our expertise to work. Just as you want your car to be designed and built by the best qualified people, you want your theater or listening room designed and built by people who are qualified to do a great job.


And it does not have to cost you a fortune either. We can help you create a high quality, high performance home theater or listening room on almost ANY budget you want to set. So whether you have a few thousand to spend, or hundreds of thousands to spend, we will deliver a complete system that performs beautifully at the budget you set.


We know some people think because of our name that all we sell is the most expensive brands. While we do love very fine gear, we are also proud of the work we have done in modest homes, such as our own. Anyone can build a great system on an unlimited budget. We can also do it on a very reasonable budget! We give you our personal promise that no matter what budget you set we will treat with you with respect and integrity. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us.


Feel free to call us at 1.575.535.2280 or email us day or night.


High End Zone strives to provide quality gear at exceptional prices to all of our customers. Because we are a small company and we have a wide range of experience being both the client and the dealer, we choose to meet our clients with respect, share our knowledge, and provide reasonable recommendations to meet our client's needs and budget.


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Here are a few of the few fine product lines that High End Zone has to offer you:


~ Aurender ~ Acoustic Zen ~ Acoustic Sciences Corporation ASC Tube Traps ~ B.M.C. ~ Finite Elemente ~ Front Row ~ HB Cable Design ~ Ikeda ~ Lansche ~ Perfect8 ~ REL Acoustics ~ Screen Excellence ~ Stage III ~ Starke Sound ~ Synergistic Research ~ Tandem ~ Thales ~ Trinnov ~ Verastarr ~ WireWorld ~ Ypsilon Electronics ~


Whatever your budget or your style we are happy to help.
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