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We were introduced to Starke sound during CES 2016, wandering the top floors of the Venetian. We had never heard of them, but decided we might as well pop in and get a demo. We were so impressed with their Dolby Atmos demo that we signed up as dealers the very next day!

Starke makes high-end home theater speakers, seven channel class AB amps, and subs.

Starke speakers are some of the most versatile I have ever heard. They are designed to be played loud for action movies, to put you into the world on the screen, but are not uncomfortable playing classical music in a two channel system.

Most of Starke Sound’s speakers come in on/in wall variants for maximum installation versatility, without sacrificing sound quality. Starke is also very open to customizing speakers for a particular customer’s needs, for example we recently had a client who wanted a custom finish, and Starke was able to do it for a small charge.

Starke’s A7 amps are built using a unique design in which every channel has its own power supply, fan system, and amplifier. This way each channel gets just the right amount of power with maximum efficiency. The fans are incredibly quiet, thanks to only being needed for the highest peak outputs.

Starke’s subs are designed to create maximum air pressure with minimum footprint, using high powered 12-inch drivers.

“My first encounter with Starke Sound and its IC-H3 was one of the more memorable blends of style and substance I’ve come across lately. With its combination of two-way delicacy and thrilling low-frequency slam, it carves a unique niche for stand-mounted speakers in today’s market. When you add its bold, eye-catching, con- temporary design, you get the kind of speaker that creates a stir in a hobby that is often a little too conservative and insular.”- Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound.

We are installing another Atmos home theater this summer, this time we will be using all Starke speakers and amps. We are meeting our client’s current budget which will enable his family to enjoy a 7.4.4 Atmos system. Our client is already excited about Trinnov’s technology and may even upgrade his system when the Trinnov Altitude 24 comes out which will take his outstanding theater to the ultimate level.

We are also doing two Atmos demo rooms at the LA Audio Show, June 2-4, in partnership with Starke Sound, using their speakers and amps. Several of our clients are attending the show, maybe you will too.

The Starke Sound with High End Zone Atmos Demo will be in the Gateway Ballroom. There will be two full theater demos to demonstrate some of the possibilities we can help you create in your home. The large cinema will be a 13.6.8 system, and the smaller theater will be a 9.4.4 system. High End Zone has brought to the demo some of the finest equipment available, including the JVC Reference Series 4K Projector- the DLA-RS4500K, the Trinnov32 AV Preamplifier and Loudspeaker/ Room Optimizer which will be expertly calibrated by Curt Hoyt, the Kaleidescape Strato 4K Ultra HD high-dynamic-range movie player and the acoustically transparent Seymour-Screen Excellence 4K Reference Screen.



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