We here at the High End Zone have gratefully worked with Verastarr since the first few years of Mike Powell's development of amazing cables which help to bring out the "Truth in Music." Please enjoy the following excerpt from his website:


"VERASTARR Music cables are designed to preserve the integrity of recorded music. Once the music signal leaves your source, all bets are off and High Fidelity cabling is crucial. Your sonic results are in the hands of the cable manufacturer. When using high quality audio equipment, much care was taken in the creation of your components. They are designed to reproduce the music extremely accurately. This means when the signal leaves the source, the cable manufacturers job is to preserve the signal integrity exactly as it leaves that component, and all the way to the speakers. Cables or wires designed to carry electricity are not optimized to preserve musical signal. Some use high quality electrical wire with nice connectors for Hi-Fi cables. These will sound OK, though should you desire to have the utmost in fidelity, then use cables with special materials or construction optimized for musical signal.

Verastarr has concluded through many years of music cable design, that the best form for signal transmission is foil, not wire. Verastarr has also concluded that the use of extra high purity metal is necessary to preserve signal integrity.  The Grand Illusion line of Verastarr cables is made with our proprietary high purity metal foils and connectors. Furthermore we perform 2 special processes during the manufacture of our AudioFoils that improve the performance over standard high purity metal foil. Inside the cables we use a low loss dielectric (insulation) that has been treated to drain static electricity which is found in every home or office, especially around synthetic carpet." 


If you would like to learn more about Verastarr cables, please visit the VERASTARR website and email us to explore your options.


High Fidelity Music Cables, Made in U.S.A


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