The Trinnov Altitude32 is the only home theater preamp / processor on the market today which can provide more than 12 discreet channels of home theater sound. It’s a unique product which virtually everyone in the world agrees is far beyond any competitor.


With the Dolby Atmos codec for the home which most movies are being made with and Blu-rays encoded with today calling for up to 34 discreet channels the other brands of home theater processors / preamps / receivers on the market simply don’t let us create a system for you which will replicate the sound field that the film maker is intending you to experience.


I’m from a family of film makers. My parents met in film school. My aunt and uncle are both screen writers, they’ve written many films together, the most famous of them being 12 Monkeys. David was nominated for an Academy Award for Unforgiven. His first big break was co-writing the original Blade Runner which he did when I was a kid, around the same time he first introduced me to high end audio. A big piece of my work is helping clients to have systems which can reproduce the sound of live music, and play movies as they were created to be heard. Which is actually quite challenging to do in the home.


Designing a high performance theater is nearly as complex as designing a high performance car, especially now with Atmos and the other object based 3D surround formats. These formats are just starting to dramatically change how film sound is recorded and what is possible to do with the audio. It is already starting to be the case that if you don’t have an Atmos system with a full complement of speakers you miss out on significant parts of the experience the film maker is trying to convey. We’ve tested this, watching a recent film without Atmos and then watching it with, and finding it is almost like 2 films. And one is much, much better than the other. And of course even on films, sports, games, and TV that are NOT encoded with Atmos we can do upconversion to make use of the Atmos speaker array and make these shows more immersive for you.


Peter Brueninger of AV Showrooms helped us create the following video to give you a feeling of our theater creation process and the possibilities that our available to our clients. This video is also a walk through of the LAAS 2017 Theater that we designed and had the privilege of implementing with so many great partners, a list of which is at the end of the video. Enjoy and please feel free to contact us if you would like to know how we can work with you.



This client's 11.8.5 system definitely exceeded our ideas on how good a home theater can be- Trinnov made all the difference!


We can build you a very good theater with products from other brands such as Denon, Marantz Arcam and Onkyo. If you want we could even use products which cost as much as Trinnov such as Datasat, Storm, Steinway Lyngdorf, McIntosh, etc. But none of these products, no matter how expensive can handle more than 12 discreet channels!


Beyond this, the EQ capabilities made possible by the unique Trinnov tetrahedron microphone and the processing power of the Intel I7 computer with SSD inside the Altitude32 box coupled with the human resources we bring to the job allow for a dramatically superior level of room EQ performance to be obtained in your room compared to any other processor on the market, again regardless how costly.


I’ve read reports from several people who had the Datasat system in their theaters, which costs as much or nearly as much as the Trinnov, then upgraded to Trinnov and found it to be an absolutely dramatic upgrade in sound quality.


Consistently theaters with Trinnov processors we have set up elicit the response from owners and their guests as well as reviewers that “This is the finest theater I’ve ever heard.” And often this is true by a wide, wide margin.


The Trinnov Altitude32 is an expensive product to be sure. And it’s not something you can set up yourself. I cannot set it up myself and I’ve worked in this business designing and calibrating theaters for over 15 years! I’d still hire one of the co-founders of Trinnov to not only calibrate my theater but to assist with the precise speaker placements as the ideal placements for a 3D system are quite different vs. 7.1 or 7.x. So I would bring in the same expert to work on your theater as I would use for my own. Those are our values at the High End Zone, the same things that we spend our money on are those that we recommend for our clients. We want you to have the best. We do recognize it’s a sizable investment.


The Altitude16 has been released and is their new, slightly lower cost unit. The Altitude 16 is limited to 16 discreet channels, vs. the 32 (soon to be 48) that the current Altitude model can do. However, it has the same sound quality, same incredible microphone, EQ capabilities, etc. So if we can make your room work with 16 channels this might be a great option for you—that is still 4 more discreet channels than any of the competition have, and far better in terms of the other features also.


It’s a very special product. If you care about movies and you have a beautiful home then it’s definitely worth putting one in if you can. Just as someone who loves to cook will want to have top notch appliances and fixtures in the kitchen of his or her home, someone who loves movies and wants to be able to experience the full palette the film makers are painting with will want to have a Trinnov in the theater or media room.


The Altitude32 won Best High-End Home Theater Product 2016-2017 from EISA

Serious home cinema enthusiasts seeking the very best experience need look no further than Trinnov Audio's Altitude32. Able to output up to 32 discrete channels, this is no ordinary home cinema processor. Advanced, fully-customisable room optimisation and equalisation enables it to tailor its sound to the specific speaker layout and characteristics of a home theatre, and it will map any Dolby Atmos, DTS:X or Auro-3D native feed without breaking into a sweat. The outcome is a reference-class performance, with the Altitude32 bringing astonishing clarity and definition, scale and presence, to movie soundtracks. Software-based architecture means it is ready for future updates, and despite its state-of-the-art feature set, operation is always easy with networked control from a PC, smartphone or tablet."
— Paul Miller, President of EISA


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