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High End Zone is Southwest New Mexico's premier Home Theater and High-End Audio dealer. We want to be your one stop shop for all your audio and home theater needs. We can help you sell your old gear. We’ll help you get much more for your gear than you get by trading it in. You know that just as when it comes time to get a new car you could get a lot more for your old car by selling it yourself than by trading it in. Everyone knows this. But, selling it yourself can be a huge hassle, you have to deal with a lot of tire kickers, you need to get the car detailed and keep it clean. So many people end up trading in despite the fact they know it is costing them thousands.

Well, consignment with High End Zone offers you the best of both worlds. We can often get you as much or even a little bit more than you’d get selling your item yourself even after covering our fee for the service. And we save you a lot of valuable time. That’s the biggest advantage of all. We can have the item picked up from your home or office and brought to us where we inspect, test and analyze the market value for your item. Then we advise you on an asking price. If you agree to what we propose then we have the item professionally cleaned and photographed, we create a detailed listing, we list it and handle all inquiries. After the sale is made we handle the shipping, including international shipping. Access to international markets is one of the reasons why consignment with High End Zone makes such good sense. For many used pieces of gear the best prices will be obtained overseas. But those buyers want to buy from a seller who has experience with all of the paperwork for overseas shipping. And furthermore, because High End Zone ships a lot we receive discounts up to 80% on freight. This helps us to close international sales that individual sellers can’t because they have no way to economically get the item delivered to China, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

We’ve had several of our customers tell us that they will never sell their own items again because it is just so convenient to use us. One customer of ours who has just as long a track record as we do on Audiogon, going back to the 1990s, and a high perfect feedback score just like ours, listed a very nice preamp on Audiogon. He had it up for 2 months and didn’t get a single offer, not even an inquiry. And it was a good listing with photos and detailed info! He was getting very frustrated. So I asked him to give us a try. We put the item up for him, marking the price up enough to cover our fees so that he would net just as much if we sold it as he would have selling it by himself. We sold it in less than 3 hours for the asking price. And the next day we had another buyer who wanted to buy one also if we’d had a second one to sell which unfortunately we didn’t. I believe this is because so many Audiogon buyers prefer to buy from dealers and don’t want to risk buying from private individuals, even ones with high perfect feedback scores. I think the reason, based on what clients have told us, is that so many people have had problems buying items that come with undisclosed flaws. With a dealer they feel safer, they know we need to protect our reputation to stay in business and they know we can offer service if they ever need it which a private seller cannot.

So buyers are more willing to buy from a dealer like us. And by consigning your gear you save yourself a lot of time vs. selling it yourself. You will generally get a lot more for your gear than you would if you traded it in. What’s the downside? The only real downside is that you have to wait for your money. When you trade your gear in your take a lot less for it but you can spend that value immediately towards whatever new thing you want. With consignment you have to be prepared to wait for the time it takes us to test, photograph and prepare the item for sale, for the item to actually sell, and then for us to wait to be sure the buyer receives it safely and is satisfied before we release the funds. So that’s the only downside. But to give you an example of how much of a financial difference it can make a customer recently had a pair of speakers he wanted to trade in towards a pair of mono block amps. He checked with his local dealer and was offered a trade in value of $4,500. I offered him a slightly better price on the new amps but told him I thought I could get him much more for his old speakers than $4,500. We ended up selling them for $8,000. So he came out far, far ahead even after accounting for the consignment fee. We encourage you to apply to consign your gear with us. Of course we can’t take everything and what you are purchasing from us is also a factor. If you’re getting a full system of Ypsilon electronics and Perfect8 or Lansche speakers from us then we’ll be pretty flexible about what we’re willing to sell for you even if it’s older or not a top brand. If you have more gear you want to consign than you are buying new then we’ll have to be more careful what we take because consignment takes a tremendous amount of work for us for a very small return. We mainly do it because it encourages clients to stick with us for all their needs. We hope you will give us a chance to earn your business.

The photos on this page are a sampling of some of the gear we’ve sold on consignment.


High End Zone strives to provide quality gear at exceptional prices to all of our customers. Because we are a small company and we have a wide range of experience being both the client and the dealer, we choose to meet our clients with respect, share our knowledge, and provide reasonable recommendations to meet our client's needs.


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