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High End Zone is a family owned dealership focused on creating extraordinary music and theater spaces. We are music lovers for sure, and when we auditioned Ypsilon Electronics at Brian Ackerman's Aaudio Imports in Colorado, we were hooked. The Ultimate SET 100's pictured above were driving the amazing Lansche 8.2 tower speakers and as the music rippled through us, we knew we were experiencing masterfully created gear. We were transported.


Constantine Soo also listened to that pair of Ypsilon SET 100 Ultimates at our distributor's home showroom in December 2015. His review was published in March of 2016 in Dagogo. The review featured not only the SET's but a lot of my favorite gear. Constantine listened to 2 full systems of Ypsilon electronics, each driving Lansche speakers. The Lansche 8.2's, their top of the line ultimate reference speaker, gave me the experience of the finest audio system I have ever heard.

These speakers, along with the Ultimate SET 100's on Finite Elemente stands, a Ypsilon PST 100 MK II preamp, Ypsilon VPS 100 phono stage, Thales TTT-Compact Swiss turntable and Simplicity II Tonearm and Ikeda Kai cartridge created a system beyond compare. Despite the room being a basement room that started out with very troubled acoustics, I received a demo like nothing else I have ever heard in more than 30 years of audiophile listening and 15 years in the business going to trade shows and listening to systems that cost far more. Admittedly, Brian had done a lot with the acoustics by bringing in some very special products which we can also offer our customers as well. There is a lot of audio genius behind this room, from Demetris Backlavas at Ypsilon who has been referred to as "an Einstein of audio" to Doug Magyari, one of the top audio guys doing big projects like concert halls.


Since then we have been blessed to meet Demetris Backlavas, one of the two music engineers that founded Ypsilon. Our appreciation of Ypsilon continues to grow. For, while we learn more about the technology, we remember the magical twinkle in Demetris' eyes as he spoke to us about co-creating musical experiences in homes and auditoriums in far flung places. His humble enthusiasm and ability to relay the magnetism of some of the events genuinely touched us.


Ypsilon Electronics recently debuted their new Hyperion Amps at the HIGH END show in Munich and AV Showrooms was there to give us a listen.

High End Zone is now one of the top dealers in the US for Ypsilon Electronics. Not as well known in the US as in Europe, Ypsilon is a Greek firm widely considered to be one of the top 5 electronics manufacturers in the world. Demetris carefully listens to each piece of gear before it leaves their factory. If it doesn't meet his standards, it's rebuilt. We are proud to be able to offer his products to our clients.


We have now shown with Ypsilon Electronics for two years in a row in California. This past June 2017, we had an amazing setup with Perfect8.

The pairing of Perfect8 speakers and Ypsilon electronics helped make the act of listening to music in this room very transportive, and honestly – I had a hard time paying attention to our guests because the music kept drawing me in ….. Jason Victor Serinus visited our room on Sunday and had the following to say:

"Reproduction of a file of the Haydn Cello Concerto 1 exhibited lots of grace, with an airy, spacious, and warm sound that I found especially satisfying. I didn't write down the name of the track playing when I first entered the room, but it, too, was distinguished lovely warmth, notable spaciousness, and that indefinable quality known as grace. Timbres were extremely impressive.
"When I followed a suggestion to move to the second row, both midrange and bass response increased. Especially impressive was a 24/96 track of mezzo Jamie Barton singing Sibelius, where the system conveyed the huge expanse and changing dynamics of her stunning voice better than any other system I've encountered. When Barton opened her one-in-a-million, Golden Age voice to full capacity, you could literally hear it expand in the room. Wonderful.
" Jason Victor Serinus, review for Stereophile


Please see our Trade Shows page for a video review of our LA Audio Show room.


Last year, we had a wonderful time premiering the Aelius II power amplifiers at T.H.E. SHOW in Newport. If you did not make it by the Executive Suite 1406 for a listen, then please enjoy this AV Showrooms video:


We hope to deliver to you more information about Ypsilon Electronics soon, until then please do check out this review at Mono and Stereo entitled "Ypsilon Electronics visit" . The reviewer, Ahmet Kip, reveals his enjoyment of Ypsilon's musical delivery by stating :

"To listen to such a musical system analytically is almost impossible, and totally unnecessary.
All we did all evening was to listen to music in admiration


AV Showrooms reviewer, Peter Breuninger, had the following to say after his experience with Ypsilon Electronics in 2014:

"Ypsilon is a top level electronics manufacturer based in Greece. The company is considered by many reviewers to be one of the top five audio design and manufacturing firms in the world.

Founded in 1995 by two sound engineers, Ypsilon has dominated the high performance audio market with tube and hybrid electronics. Their phono stage is considered the world's best by Michael Fremer of Stereophile.

Ypsilon products offer a natural sound presentation with a degree of life that borders upon magic. They wind their own transformers and base their circuit designs on revolutionary ideas.

The fit and finish of an Ypsilon product is one of form meets function. They are breathtaking to behold and to listen to.

There are no finer electronics in the world."


Please enjoy the following collection of videos and manuals and feel free to contact us if you would like to explore the possibilities of bringing Ypsilon electronics into your system.


SET 100 Ultimate Power Amplifier MKIII Manual


PST 100 MKII Pre Amplifier Manual


VPS 100 Phono Stage Manual

VPS 100 Phono Stage and MC 16 Step Up Transformer review


Ypsilon Phaethon Integrated Amplifier video review


Ypsilon Aelius Amplifier video review



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